PSI opened in 1967 with James E. Livesay starting an Engineering Oriented Company

Mr. Livesay always said that if you are going to build something for 24/7 operation, you better build it right the first time and make sure you know how to replace it.  There are too many companies out there that when it comes to replacing an item in their system, they can not duplicate the original item because they did not keep good records of their designed equipment.  PSI has records on all the equipment furnished for over 40 years and can build drop-in replacement items because they have the original drawings detailing every item furnished.

Service is the most important element when it comes to satisfying a customer so the equipment furnished had better exceed their expectations.  And when they come back in 5 or 10 or 15 years looking for a replacement, they will be glad to know the equipment purchased from PSI will be a drop-in replacement. 

Partial List of equipment offered by PSI

Blowers                          Feeders                       Silencers                           Motors  

Sheaves/Belts              Drive guards              Air elbows                         Rubber boots

Pipe spools                  Y manifolds                 Diverter valves                 Flop Gates  

Flat back elbows        Round Pipe bends    Heavy wall miters            Expansion joints          

Pipe                                Flanges                        Check valves                   Chip pile Deflectors

Target Boxes              Cyclones                       Bin exhaust louvers      Truck Loaders   

Rail Loaders               Ship Loaders                Barge Loaders                


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