Blower Inventory




Feeder Inventory



PSI 25 x 25 (USED) (5.66 CFR, 41 RPM, 41 UPH Screened, 32 UPH Unscreened)


Western 30 x 30 (NEW)(8.45 CFR, 35 RPM, 62 UPH Screened, 36 UPH Unscreened)


Falk Reducer Inventory


100 Y1 parallel Shaft Reducer (Call for Details)


2215J25 Shaft Mount Reducer


All listed items are available on a first come, first serve basis and have been rebuilt to factory specifications.  Every item is backed with a one year material/workmanship warranty.  Specifications on above items are based on maximum RPM and pressure.  For proper application, ask PSI for a system analysis and we will provide you with the correct RPM based on your specific needs.