Brochures for preliminary information only

Blower assemblies

      Blower on Steel table  --  Dwg. A-1300

      Blower on Concrete foundation  --  Dwg. A-120

Feeder assemblies

      Feeder assembly with standard Tee  --  Dwg. C-2800

      Feeder assembly with Cross Tee  --  Dwg. C-3720


     PSI X-ELL elbows - standard flatback with wearback choice  --  Dwg. A-1225,  A-118

      PSI XLB elbows with cast segments for severe duty  --  Dwg. A-774, A-775


     Two-way to six-way diverter valves in high pressure line  --  Dwg. A-1296


      Standard efficiency cyclone for chips/bark in warm climate  --  Dwg. A-115

      High efficiency cyclone for sawdust/fines/light product in warm climate  --  Dwg. A-964

      Heavy Duty design for extremely abrasive materials and low maintenance  --  Dwg. A-786

Loading Equipment

      Rail loaders/Truck Loaders/Barge Loaders/Ship Loaders  --  All Customized, call PSI

Request Sales Call

     Call PSI for additional pneumatic equipment available 503/635-3746


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