• PSI has been buying Sutorbilt Blowers for 40 years with over 1,000 installations



 (Sutorbilt blower rebuilt for Pulp Mill Application)

  • Stoddard Silencers - The best built silencers for high attenuation.


  • PSI Rotary Air-Lock Feeders

Control_panel_PSI.JPG  30x30

 (New Feeder assembly with Tee-Injector and Table)          (Rebuilt Bare Feeder for many more years of service)

  • Diverter valves in manual and motorized


(Diverter valve prior to motorized components added for feeding two silos)


(Large 2-way valve designed for side mounting and utilizing two gearmotors for pivot/sleeve movement)


  • Cyclones for high efficiency separation of product from air medium



(Standard cone cyclones for Green Chips, Bark, Heavier products)


(Long Cone highest efficiency with vortex breaker for maximum separation)


Flatback elbows with short radius and re-centering for efficient material flow



 See about us page for list of equipment offerings